Don’t Miss the 2020 Professional Development Series: Next Level

Join us for our the next four sessions of our Professional Development Series from February to May entitled:


The series features four more workshops, one each month, that will help attendees to evaluate where they are in their own career, where they want to go next, and how they are going to get there. The sessions will enable young professionals to identify their goals and then take action to achieve them.
Each session will include a book recommendation to extend the learning around the particular topic, however the book will not be required in order to achieve results from the sessions.
Our presenters for this series will be:
  • February 26th – 3-5pm @First Montana Title (2737 Montana Ave): Susan Shald with Gallup will focus on management. Book recommendation: The Manager by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter.
  • March 11th – 3-5pm @Altana FCU (3212 Central Ave): Shelby Jo Long-Hammond of Business Dynamics and Rocky Mountain College, will present on communication and culture. Book recommendation: Power Relationships by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas
  • April 1st – 3-5pm @Yellowstone Room of Granite Tower: Karen Miller of BillingsWorks will share how to thoughtfully build your team both personally and professionally. Book recommendation: Social: Why Our Brains are Wired to Connect by Matt Leiberman.
  • May 12th – 10am-12pm Location TBD: William Henry of Be Better World will share on how to build habits and put learning into action to achieve your goals. Book recommendation: TBD.
Registration for the series is $25 per session. NextGEN is thrilled to offer so many opportunities for young professionals to grow professionally. Find the right fit and get out there!