Happy Holidays!

From our Co-Chairs:

Dear NextGEN members,
“It’s the gift that keeps on giving.” This iconic phrase resonates well within our organization. When you review all the events, meetings, initiatives, and influence our group of young professionals have, you truly can witness and experience the ever-giving gift we provide to Billings.
We gift purpose, direction, and insight to our community. Our recent Quarters event allowed us to connect with the City Engineer, Director of Parks and Recreation, and the Airport Director. The presenters were informative and embraced the litany of questions from those in attendance. The NextHour event was a hit at Alpha Omega Restoration. Great food and great networking.
The committee co-chairs are constantly planning, meeting, organizing, and ensuring each event is done to provide value to each member of NextGEN. They deserve a lot of credit for their time and effort. THANK YOU ACTION COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS!
As the year comes to a close, looking back we will see a successful Development Series, great content in each Quarters event, fun memories and new connections from NextHour, our new coffee hour event, a great 5-year anniversary celebration, and much more. Thank you for all you do as not just a NextGEN member, but as a young professional continuously striving to make our community great.
NextGEN’s purpose is to foster relationships among young professionals, develop business opportunities, support civic involvement, and promote an overall investment in the future of our community. This purpose was fulfilled in 2019 thanks to each of you.
Enjoy your holidays. Reflect on all the good you accomplished this year and prepare to keep giving that gift which keeps on giving….You.
All the best,
Brian and David