January 2020: Here We Go!

From our Co-Chairs…
2020 Will be the best year yet…We can see it clearly.
Holidays, gift-giving, family, food, Hallmark channel movie marathon, and food (yeah I said that twice) make the end of the year special. Take this time to reflect on your accomplishments, friendships, and all the love you’ve been blessed with.
As young professionals, we are in our prime. We are ambitious, audacious, adamant, and active in all areas of life. Look back on 2019 and see how far you grew, how far “WE” grew as a community, as a group of young professionals, and how much impact we had in 2019. We had great events, influential leaders, engaging hosts, and high spirits throughout the year. We could sit here and write out all the wins we had as NextGEners. A characteristic about our generation is we understand our accomplishments, but we never settle.
2020 is here. Make it your year. Set your own personal bar high. Whether you are finishing up a degree, striving for a promotion, preparing to deliver a major project, working on a specific talent, or deciding to overcome personal challenges, make this your year. Commit to level up your game, your personal game, and your professional game. Not to NextGEN standards, or the world’s standards, but to your standards. Show the world what you can achieve. Go ahead, we will wait and watch…and witness what you are capable of doing.
All the best in 2020. The year of YOU!
Brian and David

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