Allison Reitz

Stockman Bank

Real Estate Loan Assistant

My name is Allison Reitz and I am a Real Estate Loan Assistant at Stockman Bank. I have worked for Stockman Bank since 2017 and am working towards becoming a Real Estate Loan Officer. I have enjoyed working for Stockman Bank over the last 3 years and cannot wait for many more to come. I know many aspects of the bank besides just the Real Estate side of them; I have also been a Teller, Customer Service Representative, and a Commercial Loan Assistant while being with Stockman Bank. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband, 6 year old son, our dog Oakley and our cats Stormy & Smokey, reading, cooking, and golfing. I am hoping by joining NextGen that I can meet more people in the community and learn about other industries within the community as well.