Brendan Dunn

Peak Utility Brokers

Operations Manager

Brendan Dunn is an inspiring young professional looking to enhance the community he lives in. He loves that he has the ability to do that through his job as the Operations Manager at Peak Utility Brokers, a company dedicated to saving businesses money by reducing their utility and payment processing costs. Although not able to do so for Montana businesses, Brendan oversees a team of agents throughout the US who specialize in reducing natural gas and electricity costs. By far the favorite part of his job is being able to help local businesses save money on their payment processing costs. When he isn’t helping people improve their lives, Brendan enjoys spending his time in the great outdoors. Some of his hobbies include: Cycling, photography, hiking, camping, and traveling. If there’s anything Brendan can do to help you or your business save money or run more smoothly, he’d love to help.