Elery Polkow

Edward Jones

Financial Advisor

Growing up, I saw firsthand the value a financial advisor can have in a person’s life. I became passionate about the financial industry through my grandparents. My father’s parents and my mother’s parents both owned farms within miles of each other. All factors the same with regards to the land. Retirement for each pair could not be more contrast, however. One major factor that contributed to this difference? The financial strategy and the advisor who knocked on my mother’s parent’s small farmhouse years ago.

I strive to provide that value to the clients I serve by understanding their financial goals and needs, then help define a strategy to meet them. Once their strategies are implemented, I maintain regular contact to address any changes in their personal circumstances.

I joined Edward Jones, where a personal relationship is based on a deep understanding of your unique financial needs. I am proud to serve a diverse group of clients with various life stages.

I grew up in Shepherd near Billings, Montana, and graduated from Montana State University – Billings in 2016. I take advantage of what Montana has to offer by skiing, hiking and enjoying the great outdoors. Occasionally, I love to pull out my artistic side and paint a landscape. I also find a lot of joy in checking items off my bucket list such as running a marathon or skydiving.

I look forward to getting to know you and see how we can partner together to meet your financial milestones.