Ethan Sullivan

Coldwell Banker The Brokers

My passion is storytelling. As a sales and marketing director, my job is to communicate the unique story of my client’s mission and talents. In real estate, where I currently practice my trade, this involves a personal approach to the agents I represent. However, having worked in both Washington, D.C. political media and a small-business environment, I also enjoy the challenges of telling a bigger story.

I recently graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia, where I studied History and Communications. As an avid outdoorsman, I moved to Montana to enjoy the wonderful recreation in its mountains. I also appreciate the people here and their down-to-earth attitudes. While we work to build a more vibrant and populated Billings, my goal is to help the Chamber do so without incurring the anti-social tendencies of my Eastern home!

I love learning how other entrepreneurs are creating value for their clients, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned as well. I look forward to connecting with professionals across this network!