Lisa Olmsted


Business Development Manager

Lisa is DOWL’s business development and public involvement (PI) manager and has lead PI activities on numerous city and state department of transportation projects. She has developed and implemented numerous customized public relations and marketing plans that include both traditional and innovative techniques. She has a proven track record of successfully communicating civic projects and initiatives to the general public through direct public outreach, developing positive relationships with media partners and civic leaders, and strategic project messaging and marketing materials. Serving as an integrated member of engineering and construction teams, she offers a comprehensive and proactive project communication approach to public outreach. Lisa regularly works directly with governmental officials, civic leaders, stakeholder groups, and property and business owners, and provides a unique perspective based on her tourism-industry experience and ongoing civic engagement.

Lisa is a graduate of the Montana State University College of Business with a management degree and minor in entrepreneurship. Her professional experience includes marketing and operational management, both in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. She has served on various boards of directors, and currently sits on Billings Community Foundation board of directors and chairs their marketing committee.