Mandy Nunes


HR Generalist
I started at Rimrock 5 years ago in an entry level position. My biggest asset at that time was personal (lived) experience with trauma, mental health, and addiction. I have spent the last 5 years dedicated to the relentless pursuit of personal growth, helping suffering people, and professional development. I became the manager of the team I started my Rimrock journey with, supervising the largest department there through the length of the pandemic. In February I accepted the position of HR Generalist at Rimrock, challenging myself to continue to grow. I am also Vice President an Secretary of the Board of Directors for Montana Peer Network, a non-profit with a mission to lead the expansion and development of recovery-oriented behavioral health services in Montana. I am passionate about removing barriers that prevent our most vulnerable and suffering from getting the help they need to thrive. I am living proof that people and lives can change when hope and support are given.